Diluted Culture

by In Remembrance

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Fioled Unique lyrics, brilliantly constructed track. Musicians seem to work together really well Favorite track: Grand Theft Atheist.
Lise Gerrard
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Lise Gerrard My son Noah is rythmn guitarist with this great band. I'm really proud of what they have achieved & the music they are making. Favorite track: Grand Theft Atheist.
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released January 15, 2013

Recorded, Produced and Mixed by Gez Walton (Stronghold Recording Studios) Mastered by Tim Rawkins (Hell Yeah Audio Mastering)



all rights reserved


In Remembrance Brighton, UK

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Track Name: Incipio
Give Me Your Hate
Cast Your Past And Fate
To The Cold Winds Of Time
For This Night Is Unwillingly Mine
In The Wake Take And Make
Way For A New Day
From The Highest Walls Of Your Minds And Souls
You Will Fall If You Realise
We Have Nothing At All
Track Name: Grand Theft Atheist
I Don't Hate You For Who You Are
Just What You Stand For
Im Not Trying To Be Your Enemy
But Your Beliefs Just Go Straight Over My Head
You've Been Tainted And Brainwashed
Brainwashed By Your Disgusting Church

Following Like Sheep
Giving All Your Worth
Living In Fear

If You Believe The Pearly Gates Are Your Destiny
Your Morality Will Drown In Its Infancy

Why Do You Thank God For The Tragedies The Accidents
Your Genocide Prayer Your Fuck Wit Words

You Say Your The Saviour But You Tie People Down
With Lies
Walking With God Towards The Light Your Becoming
A Rabbit In The Headlights

You've Been Betrayed By The People You Called
Brothers, Sisters, Their Getting Further Away
Insidious Prejudice We Are So Sick Of This Hatred
Moronic Conceptions Of Truth Will Leave You Blinded

The Time For Free Speech Is Now
To Have A Chance To Appose Your Dull Sounds
Sometimes There Seems No Right Or Wrong
But An Opinions An Opinion

This Is My One

The Lords Word
The Church
The Hatred
The Real Truth
Track Name: Roots
Apathy Gives Birth To Ignorance
Ignorance Gives Birth To Hate
It Will Imprison Us
In An Orwellian Fate

I Use Anger As A Weapon
I Use Angst As A Tool
But I Remember Above All

My Conviction Burns Brighter Than The Darkest Mirrors
Conceived In Your Empty Fearful Minds

Is There Nothing That We Have Left
Are Our Emotions To Imperfect
To Inconvenient That We Blindly Consume
False Realities Of Material Worth To Whom
Can Be Cheated By Our Strive For
Perfection Over Substance
A Capitalistic Utopia
Mindless Reason, Less Resonance

This Is a Plague
So Emotionless And Vague
But I Feel Only Clarity
I Am Far From Sincerity

This Is The Coming Of A New Dawn
Not The Mindless Prostitution
Of Our Hearts And Souls

This Is a Plague
So Emotionless And Vague
But I Feel Only Clarity
I Am Far From Sincerity

The Airwaves Are Souring
With Their Draconian Structures
Circling Round The Carcass
Of Our Diluted Culture

(There Is Only Shame, There Is Only Guilt)
Passion, Aint A Fashion Once A Revelation Told
(There Is Only Shame, There Is Only Guilt)
Without Mercy, Bought, Packaged and Fucking Sold

You Spineless Motherfucker

Its Not Dog Eat Dog
Its God Eat God
As You Preach To Your Shallow Insecurities
This Is Deliverance
From The Convenience
In Which You Sold

We Will Breakdown From These High Walls
They Have Imprisoned Everything We Stand For

We Will Tear Them, We Will Burn Them
We Will Break Them, We Will Burn Them, We Will Bring Them
To The Ground
Track Name: Simulacra
The Martyr Lies In You
In The Ashes Of My Memory
Burns The Idea Of Purity

Heresy Once Written In Venom
We Now Hold Your Ideals At Ransom
We See Through Your Shallow Existence
Pre Tense Of Silence, Violence, Defiance
I Predict A Bloody Horizon

(We Are The End Of Our Habitual Culture)
For Us For Them For Those Who Stand Against
The Darkest Night Is Just Before The Dawn
Let The Lands Flood In This Storm

I Confess I Feel Nothing But Emptiness
Less And Less I Feel Close To These Ideas
Of My Peers And Fears That We Have Nothing Left

The Shadows Of Regret Darken My Mind Im Blind I Find
Our Integrity Dorment In Our Tombs
Our Integrity Lies In Our Tombs

Light The Match And
Feel The Heat Rise
As They Dance Around The Flames
Feel The Heat Rise
Watch The Ground Break

(This Is The Sound Of The End)
Your Gonna Burn, All Will Burn
(Lets Start This Over Again)

This Is The Sound Of The End
Lets Start This Over Again